Our production facilities and administrative offices are located in our privately owned factory in Peristeri, Attica.

The daily production amounts to

• 20 tons of pollen
• 5 tons of souvlaki
• 10-15 tons of meat products
• 1,5 tonnes of processed meat
The total number of staff (production and offices) is 205.

All our production lines are in compliance with the latest and strictest quality and safety standards. Their operation is designed to achieve maximum energy savings.

For the third year in a row, Elvida Foods has been awarded the green energy certificate, as 100% of the electricity consumed in the factory is produced from renewable energy sources.

At Elvida Foods, reducing our energy footprint and therefore caring for the environment has always been a key element of our strategy. It is our commitment to continue in this direction by investing in logistical equipment and adopting the latest cutting-edge technologies.


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