The Nostimost branded product line, launched in 2012, was launched to cover products outside the Hellenic Gyros brand as well as channels other than grill and to give the opportunity to more consumers to enjoy our highly delicious offerings. The nostimost brand became the largest and most innovative brand in the Greek market including minced meat products, chicken products, baked goods, ready meals etc.

Moreover, in 2016, again under the Nostimost brand, the range was enhanced by another innovation for the Greek market. Baked frozen products, such as Pork or Chicken Rounds, available in Super Market/Retail. This new launch was a great success, receiving positive feedback for its high quality, excellent taste and significant ease of preparation. 

At the same time, this innovative range was a passport to the company’s successful growth in the retail markets abroad.


The packaging of the bag includes the items for Food Service, with more than 35 codes/items, 12 of them baked

The packaging of the box includes the items for Retail and there are basically two of them: pork and chicken gyros roasted

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