Hellenic Gyros

The Authentic Greek Gyros
The Professionals of Taste!

The No1 choice of the Greek grill. Since 2002, it has been synonymous with reliability, service and an ideal quality-price ratio.

It includes more than 55 types of meat and souvlaki, meat type and weight per item and covers more than 90% of a grill shop’s turnover.

It is the main brand of Elvida Foods that stands for tradition, Greekness and unique taste and is constantly enriched with new flavours, recipes and categories.

Our stable partnerships with the leading meat producers worldwide form the basis for a tasty and reliable end product.

Our innovative production and processing methods ensure guaranteed consistently high quality.

All Hellenic Gyros products ensure high competitive advantages with a number of unique features:

  • They do not contain preservatives, colourings or any other artificial additives
  • All our gyros have a uniform centred set-up and a uniform cutting surface.
  • All our rounds are packed in a special bag (FoodGrade) and then placed in high strength paper boxes. This guarantees the safety of the product during transport as well as their shelf life.

Our Products

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